Welcome to Shropshire Conferences

UK map including Shropshire and ShrewsburyThere are still some people who aren't quite sure where Shropshire is, let alone what makes it such an ideal location to hold that business meeting or conference. So let's deal with the geography bit first.

Shropshire can be conveniently found by taking a small detour off the motorway network (The map opposite may help). Only some 45 minutes from Birmingham and something similar from Manchester, it is also on several main line train routes. So Shropshire is actually quite well connected.

The first thing you will notice as you enter the county, by car or train, is just how unspoilt and rural Shropshire actually is. Indeed Shropshire is one of England's last remaining rural idylls. As you may expect, Shropshire has more than its fair share of grand properties, historic piles and fine country houses hotels, but it also has an equally large number of unusual and slightly different venues too.

Of course what all these venues have in common is that, behind the rural façade, they are all run by specialist professional staff and are fully equipped with the latest tech' and all the essential elements needed to meet the needs of today's conference clients.

We have even created a handy little search device to help you find the very best that Shropshire has to offer.

So welcome to Shropshire.

Love From Shropshire